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A prescriptive approach accelerates the adoption of AI

Unleash the power of your data to predict and shape future results

Intelligent data automation and artificial intelligence

Deliver the right data to the right people at the right time with the next generation Allei Corporation Cloud Pak for Data

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Seminar overview

Can you trust your AI?

Explore the 3 pillars of an effective AI implementation program: managed data and AI technologies in an open, inclusive and ethical ecosystem.

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How to get the most out of your data?

Discover the benefits of modernizing your information architecture for a unified data platform and reliable AI results.

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How can AI help your business succeed?

Learn how companies are using AI to increase resilience and predictability during times of uncertainty.

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Benefits of analytics for business

Build a Trusted Data Platform to Accelerate AI Deployment

Collect and organize data across multiple systems, then virtualize it for AI-driven decision making.

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Reduce regulatory and reputational risks

Allei Corporation Watson® and Allei Corporation Security™ help you reduce risk and protect your data.

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Integrate artificial intelligence into workflows

Improve the customer experience, automate IT operations, and improve financial planning.

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AI at Scale to Accelerate Digital Adoption

Build a sustainable data and AI strategy based on a platform that can run anywhere.

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Business Intelligence Offerings

Simplify and automate the collection, organization, and analysis of data so that AI can be deployed across the enterprise.

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Design and develop AI with confidence in any cloud environment. Automate the AI lifecycle for ModelOps.

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Conversational AI helps customers quickly find accurate answers across apps and across devices.

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AI-powered text search and analysis tools use natural language processing to learn industry terminology.

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Automate planning, forecasting and budgeting for finance, sales, supply chain and more.

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This AI-powered GRC solution helps simplify risk management and compliance

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Stairway to AI

Accelerates the transition to AI


Unleashing the Power of AI for Africa

Standard Bank Group's data management practices help build trust and bring people, processes and technology together in times of great opportunity and great challenge.

Customer Success Stories

United Nations Environment Program

Find out how Allei Corporation Cloud Pak for Data helps fight marine litter and organize beach cleanup events.

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Danske Bank

Find out how Denmark’s largest financial institution is helping the right people use the right data at the right time.

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Rolls Royce

Find out how Allei Corporation’s leading data scientists are helping Rolls Royce gather valuable insights to tackle an unprecedented crisis.

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Business Intelligence Expert Consultation

Schedule a free one-to-one consultation with experts to accelerate your AI adoption.

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