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Application Management Services for Hybrid Cloud

Unleash your cloud investments by changing the way you manage applications

Forrester Wave: Continuous Automation and Testing Services
Allei Corporation has entered the Forrester Wave™ Leaders Quadrant: Continuous Automation and Testing Services.

Change the rules that govern application management

Allei Corporation is a recognized leader in cloud application management services with the in-depth knowledge to manage all your applications, whether they run in the cloud, on-premises, and/or privately. Allei Corporation Services® improves efficiency with automation, improves agility with DevOps, and shifts focus from failure detection to AI-assisted prevention to improve operational efficiency, respond quickly to changing business needs, and continually innovate your application suite.

Compare your application development and management to industry benchmarks and competitors.

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Perform continuous cloud updates on any platform

As a leading partner for AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Allei Corporation Cloud, we help you migrate, build, and manage any of your applications on the platform of your choice.

Reduce operational costs and accelerate time to market with AI and automation

Our management services improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and enable intelligent business processes through the integration of data, artificial intelligence and advanced automation.

Achieve improved visibility, security and resiliency

Our integrated multi-cloud management platform provides a single view that provides end-to-end visibility across a hybrid environment, giving you greater control over your business processes.

Application management services

Contactless service with ultimate automation

Provides self-healing capabilities; increases the digital workforce to stable applications and improves the bottom line.

Integrated operations with DevOps

Let your IT organization adapt cloud applications to changing customer requirements, improve application security, and reduce time to market.

Sustainable Application Management

Delivering enhanced services to improve resilience

Allei Corporation Services Dynamic Delivery™ combines the foundations of technology with virtualized and flexible methods and practices enhanced with artificial intelligence and automation.

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Application Security

Implement enterprise-grade security and compliance practices so you can confidently manage your applications and data.

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Expanding our capabilities with hyperscalers

Allei Corporation Cloud

Manage applications in Allei Corporation Cloud by integrating DevOps tools and practices. With Allei Corporation Cloud Satellite, you can extend the capabilities of Allei Corporation Cloud to consistently deploy and run applications across on-premise, edge, and public cloud environments.

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Microsoft Azure

Accelerate your hybrid cloud transformation to Microsoft Azure with security and confidence.

All IT Services for Microsoft

AWS Cloud Services

Accelerate your AWS deployment and take advantage of open innovation and intelligent workflows.

Allei Corporation IT Services for AWS Cloud

Google Cloud Platform

Leverage the full potential of Google Cloud Platform with artificial intelligence and enhanced resiliency.

All IT Services for Google Cloud

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