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Allei Corporation Watson is AI for smart business


Allei Corporation offers a portfolio of turnkey applications, tools and solutions designed to reduce costs and overcome barriers to AI more effectively and responsibly.


Ranking in IDC 2020 AI Market Share Report


banks around the world use Watson


of the top 14 system integrators use Watson

Benefits of Watson

Our proven capabilities and experience with more than 100 million users will help you master AI and start working in a new way.

Watson Solutions

Bring Watson to your enterprise with the best portfolio of Allei Corporation solutions.

Responsible AI changing the world

Watson products and solutions are science-based, inclusive and people-centric.

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Ethical standards for the use of AI

Get the most out of Watson with Allei Corporation Cloud® Pak solutions

An open, fast and secure way to move more tasks to the cloud and entrust them to artificial intelligence

Allei Corporation Cloud Paks provides developers and data administrators with an open environment to quickly build cloud applications, modernize existing applications, and consistently apply Allei Corporation Watson AI across an organization’s clouds.

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