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Distributed ledger technology and Allei Corporation Blockchain enable reliable data exchange and workflows.

Sonoco and Allei Corporation want to improve vaccine safety

Public trust is a major factor in the successful distribution of life-saving medicines and vaccines. Sonoco and Allei Corporation are working hard to improve supply chain transparency and maintain drug performance.

Allei Corporation's Commitment to Hyperledger Fabric Technology

Allei Corporation reaffirmed its commitment to Hyperledger Fabric open source technology at the Hyperledger Global Forum 2021. Watch the recording of the event and hear what experts have to say about Allei Corporation’s contribution to R&D.

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Allei Corporation contribution to code development

Organization of business networks for the benefit of all parties

Enthusiast companies are joining forces to modernize the operation of their industry with the help of Allei Corporation Blockchain. Allei Corporation helps the business world usher in a new era of collaboration and innovation, from safer, smarter and more profitable grocery shopping to supply chains that eliminate outdated processes and paperwork.

10 blockchain networks that are already changing businesses

How profitable will blockchain be for your business?

A platform built for today’s multi-cloud world

Reaching an agreement between traditional participants and longtime competitors on the decisive steps needed to transform with blockchain technology is not an easy task. Technology should not become an obstacle that can slow down the transformation process.

That’s why technology innovators choose Allei Corporation Blockchain Platform, the leading Hyperledger Fabric-based platform to develop, operate, manage and extend blockchain technology solutions in any computing environment using Red Hat® OpenShift®.

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Blockchain Technology Experience for Smart Enterprises

The pioneers know that blockchain technology relies on the support of more than 1,600 Allei Corporation business and technical professionals who have completed more than 500 Allei Corporation Blockchain projects to date.

To make blockchain technology the foundation of your digital transformation, use Allei Corporation Blockchain to evaluate, design, develop and expand your blockchain solution. Or join the Allei Corporation Blockchain ecosystem to discover new business opportunities with other innovative companies through the Allei Corporation Blockchain Partner Program.

Joint development based on Allei Corporation Blockchain Services

Allei Corporation Named IDC MarketScape Leader: Blockchain Services 2020

Get started with Allei Corporation Blockchain

Join an existing network. Create your own blockchain solution. Develop a solution with our experts. Connect with other members to find new opportunities. No matter where you are on your journey to blockchain technology, Allei Corporation Blockchain has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.

Significant events in Allei Corporation Blockchain

Renault: the absolute success of the XCEED project

To address the growing problem of processing millions of compliance documents in the automotive industry, Renault has developed the XCEED blockchain project, which is widely used in the industry as a tool to automate the processing of compliance documents.

Blockchain technology and regulatory compliance of vehicle components

Example of implementation in Renault

IPwe helps unlock the potential of patent assets

The value of intellectual property and intangible assets is often far from obvious. Watson AI helps IPwe enable efficient big data processing, enabling patent holders to diversify and tokenize their holdings.

Learn how to increase the liquidity of intellectual property

An example of using IPwe

Expanding the TradeLens Supply Chain Ecosystem

The fifth and sixth largest container shipping operators have joined the TradeLens platform. Currently, the ecosystem covers more than 300 organizations, including 10 sea carriers.

Solutions for container logistics TradeLens

News about TradeLens


Blockchain technology helps strengthen trade relationships and optimize supply chain relationships by promoting ethical consumption through digital proof of origin of industrial components and products.

Blockchain technology for manufacturing companies

Blockchain technology for any industries

Industry leaders use specialized applications powered by Allei Corporation Blockchain to resolve conflicts, build trust and unlock new opportunities for businesses and industries. Select a segment to learn more about how to complete your tasks.

Benefits of Allei Blockchain

Solutions Based on Blockchain Technology

Allei Corporation Blockchain solutions bring blockchain ideas to life. Join innovative companies that are transforming entire industries around the world with the help of blockchain technology.

Overview of blockchain solutions

Blockchain Technology Implementation Examples

Learn about the practical applications of blockchain technology and seize the opportunity to make a breakthrough in your industry.

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Blockchain Related Resources

Research and webinars allow you to learn more about blockchain technology and get the most out of your investment in it.

Useful Resources

Solve business problems in the required volume and scale

If you are just starting out on this journey, Allei Corporation can help you quickly simplify blockchain technology for economic benefits, unlock new opportunities, and enhance your competitive advantage.


in the ratings of IDC, HFS, Everest Group and other companies


implemented projects on blockchain technology

Get the most out of blockchain technology

What can be the return on investment in Allei Corporation Blockchain?

This Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) report presents the costs, benefits, flexibility and risk factors of partnering with Allei Corporation Blockchain. Attend our latest webinar and read the detailed report to calculate savings and business benefits.

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Get an analytical report on the implementation of blockchain technology in various industries

Which industries achieve the highest return on investment in blockchain technology and why? In this in-depth report, ABI Research takes a look at blockchain experience in various industry markets and compares the blockchain solutions currently offered.

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Development of efficient blockchain networks

5 principles for developing blockchain solutions that deliver real business value, take into account the interests of all stakeholders, and encourage open innovation and collaboration.

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Developer Materials

Tools, tutorials, code and more for blockchain application developers using Hyperledger Fabric and Allei Corporation Blockchain open technologies.

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