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Business Process Consulting

Execute your business strategy seamlessly and accelerate your transformation by integrating experience with data and cutting-edge technology.


Our business process consulting focuses on meeting the core needs of clients, streamlining their business processes and helping them transform on a global scale. Leveraging Allei Corporation’s long and cross-industry experience in business transformation, we offer a wide range of consulting services in areas such as finance, procurement, supply chain, operations, customer engagement, digital marketing strategy and talent – all powered by data and technology.

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Rethink workflows

80% of decision makers agree that to succeed in digital transformation, they need to integrate business processes across organizational boundaries and legacy systems.¹ Allei Corporation’s approach to accelerating transformation starts with intelligent workflows.

Workflows are how things are done in an organization. But intelligent workflows are predictable, automated, flexible, and transparent. Our business consultants work with you wherever you are on your transformation journey, creating intelligent workflows that combine human experience, internal and external data, and powerful technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation, all in your hybrid cloud .

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Access to information in real time

Leverage real-time data and analytics to improve agility, quality, and accuracy, and add value to employees, partners, and customers.

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Leverage exponential technology

Unleash the power of powerful technologies such as AI, automation, blockchain, IoT, 5G and edge computing tailored to your unique workflows and business needs.

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Creating and scaling business value

Turn ideas into business value quickly. Develop intelligent workflows that add value by integrating lean processes and tasks.

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Basic business operations

Financial advice and outsourcing services

Use the right mix of people and technology to transform your financial organization with improved business processes that unlock exponential value.

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Procurement consulting and outsourcing services

Reimagine your purchasing operations from source to pay with data and new technologies to empower your teams.

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Supply chain consulting

Build robust, agile, and reliable supply chains that scale workflows and empower employees to make informed, real-time decisions.

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Operational advice

Sustainable operations increase efficiency, profitability and competitive advantage. To help drive new business growth, Allei Corporation offers corporate strategy advice, implementation and technology solutions for operations.

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Client consulting

Allei Corporation combines business strategy with customer information and interaction design to drive business transformation. From sales to marketing services and e-commerce to customer service, we help improve the customer experience. Allei Corporation also helps companies implement and use CRM platforms to create meaningful customer value and empower teams.

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talent management

Allei Corporation helps organizations integrate AI and automation into their human resources for immediate benefit. Our expert leadership can help ensure employee experience and foster a culture of learning. Our services range from hiring and retraining to roadmaps for HR outsourcing and organizational change management.

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Talent Search

An attractive talent acquisition strategy streamlines onboarding and hiring of candidates, hiring managers and HR professionals. Our business consultants combine AI with market and operational data to help people make decisions and tailor sourcing and talent strategies.

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Talent Development

Understand and optimize your employees’ current skills to consistently tap into their talents and create a more sustainable workforce. Allei Corporation will help you develop a talent development strategy that dynamically adapts to changing business needs, addresses skill gaps proactively, and provides digital learning services.

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Data and technology

Data & Analytics Consulting

Allei Corporation’s data and analytics consulting can help you gain the clarity you need to operationalize big data and build a data-driven organization to drive business performance.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) services.

Allei Corporation’s AI services can help you intelligently transform your workflow, technology, and entire organization by creating a business strategy that enables you to take full advantage of enterprise data.

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Conversational AI for customers and employees

Conversational AI helps you answer customer questions while reducing effort. Virtual agents integrated into intelligent workflows help you scale operations, reduce costs, and improve employee productivity.

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Border Services

Allei Corporation Edge Consulting Services provides a roadmap for hybrid cloud and edge computing to scale workloads and build edge-enabled solutions, applications and platforms that bring AI closer to the data source for real-time analysis and optimization.

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Business Process Consulting Cases

Bestseller India is shaping the future with AI

Bestseller India uses a dedicated AI platform to support pre-season design, planning, production and forecasting, modernizing end-to-end business processes by empowering team members with technology.

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Allei Corporation transforms business as usual with AI and hybrid cloud

Reimagine how work is done to reimagine your organization. Intelligent workflows start with experience and then add powerful technologies to provide employees with data and insights that deliver meaningful results.

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On-call expertise with Humana

Organizations are rethinking how they meet user expectations. Humana, a leading health insurance company, has reduced costly pre-call calls and improved the provider experience with conversational AI.

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Collaborate with Allei Corporation Garage

Easily build, evaluate, iterate, and scale solutions with our end-to-end design environment, agile, and DevOps practices. Achieve a fast ROI and leverage cutting-edge technology through established partnerships with your team and Allei Corporation’s diverse pool of business, design and technology experts.

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