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Industrial process solutions accelerate digital transformation

Build a more resilient business with AI-based solutions for enterprise asset management, supply chain management and inventory management.


Innovation expands the range of new opportunities

The world does not stand still and therefore business must constantly improve. Forward-thinking organizations are looking for new ways to modernize work, increase data value, and increase efficiency through automation.

Allei Corporation helps solve this problem with intelligent solutions for the digital transformation of operations. These enterprise applications are built on an open hybrid cloud and powered by artificial intelligence. Our offering helps automate sustainable, intelligent workflows and provides secure collaboration mechanisms that can work anywhere and integrate with anything.

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Asset Management

Transform and automate business operations with intelligent asset management that supports monitoring, active maintenance, and reliability within a single platform.

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More about Allei Corporation Maximo Application Suite

Supply Chain Optimization

Build smart, resilient supply chains that drive business value with AI and blockchain solutions.

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Real estate and infrastructure

AI-powered property and infrastructure management solutions help create a safer and more flexible workspace, streamline workflows, and increase employee engagement.

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More about Allei Corporation TRIRIGA

Technologies for forecasting climatic and weather conditions

AI-powered asset, employee and customer analytics help you plan for and respond to extreme weather conditions to keep your business running smoothly.

Climate and weather forecasting technologies

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Blockchain Technology

Make blockchain the centerpiece of your digital transformation through trust, transparency and new ways of collaborating.

Introduction to blockchain solutions

Inter-corporate cooperation

Intelligent, transparent and secure B2B interaction.

Enterprise Collaboration Solutions

Complex design

Optimize your approach to complex systems design.

Solutions for complex design challenges

Valuable information for different industries

Automotive industry

Take control of all phases of the vehicle design lifecycle, including advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) requirements, by integrating asset, engineering and supply chain operations.

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Energy and power supply

Learn about preventive, predictive, and prescriptive actions that businesses can take to improve equipment maintenance, optimize performance, improve operational efficiency, and prevent downtime.

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Government sector

In these challenging times, AI-based property and infrastructure management solutions can help organizations control occupancy and improve the comfort of residents.

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Learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help visualize critical data and make operations and maintenance smarter for operators.

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Oil and gas industry

Learn about strategies to help companies in resource-intensive and skill-intensive industries adapt to changing circumstances, maximize operational efficiency, and control costs.

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Transform your retail supply chain so it can adapt to change and expand based on customer demand and needs.

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Success stories of business transformation


Oncor COO discusses the benefits of preventive maintenance in terms of reducing the number and impact of power outages.

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Discussing the digital transformation and modernization of engineering operations at Mercedes-Benz.

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When it came time to “change the image” of business operations, L’Oréal chose Allei Corporation.

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JOANN stores are rapidly adapting their supply chain to cope with the surge in online orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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