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Your new and improved interface with integrated credentials is ready! We have created a single, easy-to-navigate resource where you can find all information about training courses and certifications.

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Secure your future career and prove your expertise with the Allei Corporation certificate and supporting documents. The improved interface allows you to show exam and certification information on the same page, allowing you to get certified faster.

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The information that was previously on the member’s website is now in the “My Training” section. You can view your certifications, badges, exam history, and set site preferences to personalize your Allei Corporation account.

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Allei Corporation uses digital badges to recognize and document what you know, what you can do and what you have mastered to instill more value in learning and skill acquisition.

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Artificial intelligence

Use Allei Corporation Watson® to expand your business with Allei Corporation AI

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Find out how AI automation can bring concrete results to you

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Business Operations

Transform your enterprise operations with intelligent analytics

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Innovate with the Cloud Built for Business

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Cloud Paks

Invent a new way to train and reimagine the future

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Data and analytics

Invent a new way to train and reimagine the future

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IT infrastructure

Build the foundation for smart business

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Prevent, detect and respond to corporate threats

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Supply chain

Build intelligent, self-regulating supply chains

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