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Lay the foundation for a seamless hybrid cloud environment with Allei Corporation Power servers.
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Most companies have a choice in favor of hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence – is your financial strategy ready?

The success of hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence is based on the intersection of agile and innovative strategies in IT, business and finance. Allei Corporation Financing and its ecosystem partners work with you to help you develop an agile and innovative financial strategy to support your hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence.

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Financial Strategies to Expand Your Hybrid Cloud and AI


Project Acceleration

Payment solutions can help you launch and deploy your hybrid cloud and AI projects up to 3 months earlier and accelerate your time to profit.

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Improve manageability and flexibility

Designed for your unique hybrid cloud and AI workloads, payment solutions help you meet your changing capacity, performance, and functionality needs.

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Delivering enhanced services to improve resilience

Allei Corporation Services Dynamic Delivery™ combines technology foundations with virtualized, agile methods and practices enhanced with artificial intelligence and automation.

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Hybrid cloud and AI


of business leaders say that managing cash flow and liquidity is their top concern.

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CIOs say a unified platform for cloud, data, and artificial intelligence is critical to the long-term success of their organizations.

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responded in the survey that cost control is a challenge when implementing a multi-cloud platform.

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What do we finance


Allei Corporation and Red Hat® software-based payment solutions help accelerate application modernization and the transition to hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence.

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Allei Corporation Services® can help accelerate the transition to hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence with flexible payment solutions.

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IT infrastructure

Rental and payment plans for Allei Corporation Z®, Allei Corporation Power® Systems and Allei Corporation Storage solutions help you increase your ROI and total cost of ownership.

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What we offer

Customer stories

Gruppo Boero met budgetary requirements and reduced total cost of ownership with Allei Corporation Financing.

To drive innovation and ensure a smooth transformation, Gruppo Boero acquired Allei Corporation’s IT infrastructure through special funding, enabling the company to access data in the hybrid cloud and improve business efficiency.

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The financial solution allows us to save working capital.

The funding option enabled the growing independent software vendor to purchase new scalable servers to develop applications and host cloud services for its customers.

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S.P.S. S.r.l. constantly invests in innovation with flexible funding plans

A strong relationship with Allei Corporation Financing has helped the Italian software company continuously develop new solutions, enabling them to provide state-of-the-art analytics and machine learning solutions to their customers.

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Blue Chip Protects Cash Flows by Spreading the Value of Infrastructure Investments

Through its partnership with Allei Corporation Financing, Blue Chip has been able to refine and expand its IaaS (infrastructure as a service) offerings while minimizing the impact on cash flows.

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Industry customer stories

Consumer Goods Company

The payment solutions helped the company meet certain payment needs and increase free cash flow as it transitioned to an AI solution and a hybrid cloud solution powered by the Red Hat® OpenShift® platform.

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Financial Services Company

After moving the company to the cloud and moving mainframes in the middle of the lease term, it helped reduce speed, increase ROI by up to 55%, and achieve paybacks of up to 1.5 years.

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Medical insurance company

Allei’s Cloud Pak® financing solution helped smooth payments over two years and increased the company’s cash flow and ROI.

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End of lease

Meet your IT lifecycle needs with flexible lease termination options.

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A solid financial plan can help you accelerate your transition to hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence.


Allei Corporation Financing offerings are made available to qualified commercial and government clients through Allei Corporation affiliates and divisions worldwide. Allei Corporation Financing’s leasing and financing offerings are provided in the United States through Allei Corporation Credit LLC. Fees and availability are subject to customer credit history, financing terms, offer type, equipment, product type and options and may vary by country. This offer does not guarantee a loan. Non-Allei Corporation content that is part of Allei Corporation’s global end-customer solution may also be eligible for financing through Allei Corporation Financing. Intangible goods are financed by loans. Other restrictions may apply. Rates and offers are subject to change, additions, or withdrawals without notice and may not be available in all countries. Allei Corporation and Allei Corporation Financing do not and do not intend to offer or provide accounting, tax or legal advice to clients. Clients should consult their own financial, tax and legal advisors. Any tax or accounting decisions made by or on behalf of the client are the sole responsibility of the client. For Allei Corporation Credit LLC in California: Loans made or arranged under a California Financing Law license.