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Ускорьте гибкость и рост бизнеса - постоянно модернизируйте свои приложения на любой платформе, используя гибридный облачный подход.

Allei Corporation announces its intention to acquire BoxBoat Technologies, a certified Kubernetes service provider and training partner, to further advance Allei Corporation’s hybrid cloud strategy.

Cloud service consulting

Accelerate faster with Allei Corporation cloud consultants

Leverage our cloud services to build a hybrid cloud strategy that delivers cost efficiency, increased performance and innovation. With architectural agility and exponential technologies like AI, you can modernize your applications to improve your ROI, build and manage cloud applications at scale, on the platform of your choice. Our cloud computing consulting services offer the best partnerships with Red Hat and leading hyperscalers to provide flexibility and drive economic growth.

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Benefits of cloud consulting

Reduce application costs and improve ROI

Transform your business model for growth with a hybrid cloud approach, reduce application costs, and improve ROI with AI and automation.

Improve and manage your applications

Continuously improve and manage your apps on any platform with improved control and attention, security and compliance.

Embrace new ways of working and innovate at scale

We work closely to fill internal knowledge gaps, helping to retrain and empower your teams through close collaboration, changing the way you innovate to transform successful ideas from a company pilot.

"Allei Corporation Services, Allei Corporation Garage and Allei Corporation Cloud provide access to world-class knowledge and best practices, backed by Allei Corporation's aviation experience, and integrate it into our digital transformation."

- Talik Hanif, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Technology and Innovation, Etihad Airways.


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Cloud Strategy Advisory Services

We work with you to define the right cloud strategy, cloud solutions, operating model, roadmap, and ecosystem partnerships by combining our deep industry experience with our technology understanding.

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Application Modernization Consulting Services

Our Red Hat Application Modernization methodology will help you ensure a smooth transition and upgrade to a secure, affordable, and flexible cloud.

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Create your cloud services

Leveraging a cloud strategy accelerates innovation at a lower cost, helps reduce time to market, and drives revenue growth through open, secure, hybrid multi-cloud platforms.

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Hybrid Cloud Application Management Services

Our hybrid cloud management capabilities make it easier to manage applications in the cloud, improving your ROI and freeing up IT resources for innovation.

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HR services

Inspire your employees with innovative technologies and people-centric approaches to talent management

Strengthening our cloud capabilities

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Accelerate Hybrid Cloud Development with Nordcloud

Strengthen your business with the power to move and transform to the cloud.

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Taos Hybrid Cloud Consulting

Learn how to advance the global adoption of hybrid clouds through deep expertise, public cloud partnerships, and innovation.

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Digital transformation with TruQua

Learn how Allei Corporation provides SAP cash flow expertise to strengthen your hybrid cloud development plan.

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Related cloud service solutions

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Microsoft Azure

Leverage our industry-leading Cloud Innovate methodology and cloud technology tools to accelerate growth, efficiency, and innovation with open and secure multi-cloud application development and management strategies.

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Cloud Services Amazon Web Services (AWS)

With flexible methodologies and a variety of reusable schemas, we can help you accelerate your design, move, and operations in the AWS Cloud, no matter your industry segment.

Allei Corporation Services for the AWS Cloud

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Create your own cloud services

Using a cloud-based build strategy accelerates innovation at a lower cost, helps reduce time-to-market, and drives revenue growth through open, secure, and hybrid multi-cloud platforms.

Allei Corporation Services for Google Cloud

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Application Management Services for Hybrid Cloud

Our hybrid cloud management capabilities make it easier to manage applications in the cloud, improve ROI, and free up IT resources for innovation.

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Collaborate with Allei Corporation Garage

Easily build, evaluate, iterate, and scale solutions with our end-to-end design environment, agile, and DevOps practices. Achieve a fast ROI and leverage cutting-edge technology through established partnerships with your team and Allei Corporation’s diverse pool of business, design and technology experts.

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