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Servers, storage and software for enterprise hybrid cloud and AI strategies


The latest computing, storage and software to accelerate your transformation.

Modernize your IT system

Allei Corporation Power Systems

Find a server that suits your needs, budget and IT environment.

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Allei Corporation Storage

Complete solutions for data storage.

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Allei Corporation® Z

Take advantage of a platform designed with security and resiliency in mind.

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Allei Corporation LinuxONE

Ensure scalability and security with the open source Linux® platform.

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Software Allei Corporation Systems

Transformation of software and operating systems.

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Modernize applications with a modern IT infrastructure

Learn why a modern infrastructure is so important for modernizing applications.

Forrester Guide

IT infrastructure at Think 2021

Learn how the right IT infrastructure supports modernization, automation, and security.

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Open source hybrid cloud

Learn more about using open source modernization solutions for hybrid IT environments.

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First acquaintance with LinuxONE

Get a guide to a secure, scalable, open source platform.

Guide for Dummies

IT Investment Flexibility

Overcome obstacles, minimize initial investment and unexpected expenses.

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7 steps to secure IT operations

Take a security-centric approach to hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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