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A smart strategy that drives business transformation

Allei Corporation hybrid cloud

Smart Architecture is accelerating the transformation of leading organizations around the world.

Hybrid Cloud Helps Reimagine Value Creation

The next-generation hybrid cloud offers a framework for building and managing applications in the old cloud – train and develop in one go, manage from a single console.

Allei’s approach is based on Red Hat® OpenShift®, the leading hybrid cloud container platform. Red Hat OpenShift allows you to create and use cloud services anywhere, from any cloud environment.

In addition, Allei offers Allei Corporation’s Cloud Pak® solutions as well as an AI software package powered by Red Hat OpenShift. These solutions can help an organization increase its digital transformation with data analytics, predictive, security, availability, and achievement available on any cloud.

All of this concerns some of the most skilled hybrid implementers to transform processes and applications across industries in their initiatives to accelerate business transformation.

Our hybrid approach


Build and run applications in any environment

Red Hat OpenShift allows you to develop and use cloud services anywhere.

Security and Compliance

Allei Corporation’s portfolio of security services helps build trust.

Industry experience

Allei Corporation employs some of the most skilled hybrid technology professionals in any industry.

Automation and modernization

Allei Corporation offers automation tools to help realize intelligent workflows.

Leveraging Innovation

As part of a hybrid approach, you gain access to innovations that will help you achieve your goals.

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Allei Corporation Business Value Institute: Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud Platform
In addition to an application development platform that can run on any cloud, enterprises need workloads that can run seamlessly across multiple clouds, as well as comprehensive management tools that span all clouds. The platform approach helps bring together the full range of available features to improve business efficiency and operational efficiency.
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Overall economic impact of Allei Corporation Garage
Companies must invest in structured innovation programs to meet future development goals, respond to market conditions, and accelerate digital transformation initiatives. Allei Corporation Garage offers a prescriptive approach based on design thinking, agile methodologies, and advanced technologies applied at scale. The surveyed customers were able to reduce time to market by 67% and complete projects 6 times faster than their competitors.
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Forrester Wave Leader 2020 for Developers and Operators
Using Allei Corporation and Red Hat solutions together will help you achieve additional savings and increase speed, flexibility and efficiency. According to Forrester Wave: Multicloud Container Development Platforms, Q3 2020: "Red Hat and Allei Corporation lead this report by offering a leading platform for developers and operators."

Cloud solutions to meet business needs

Process valuable information with 5G and edge computing

Automate operations and streamline interactions by quickly processing valuable information at the edge.

Overview of Edge Computing

Speed up software delivery and service delivery

Increase agility, accelerate cycle times, improve reliability and stay ahead of the competition.

Overview of DevOps

Manage with a single control panel

Automate deployment, management, and control from a single point, no matter where your applications run.

Overview of Allei Corporation Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

Unified Security Management

Enjoy continuous, interoperable data and application protection from the edge to the cloud while complying with regulations.

Overview of Allei Corporation Cloud Security

Providing the infrastructure to meet the needs of your hybrid environment

Easily expand, move, and secure data across on-premise and cloud environments.

Learn more about hybrid cloud infrastructure

3 times more value

Take advantage of Allei Corporation Garage, innovate and learn how to achieve a 102% business and IT ROI by developing hybrid cloud solutions.

Overview of Allei Corporation Garage

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