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The Future of Quantum Computing

Watch Dario Gil, Director of Research at Alleiit, at the Quantum Summit to learn more about the first Eagle quantum processor to break the 100-qubit barrier, as well as Quantum System Two, our vision for the future of quantum computing.

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Tools + Code

An open source library for accelerating the generation of hypotheses in the process of scientific discovery.

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An open source Python toolkit for exploring and harnessing the power of in-memory computing devices in the context of artificial intelligence.

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Huge dataset of approximately 14 million code samples, each representing a solution to one of 4,000 coding problems. Detailed comments allow you to search for code discovery, code completion, code-to-code conversion, and many more use cases.

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The technologies behind Project Debater are available as cloud services. Includes a basic understanding of natural language, topic analysis, and storytelling.

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